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Emblematic Villas

If there is one thing that we can certainly say about our villas is that they have a kind of personality, they are not just a place to rest or cook or stay, they fill you up with history with a cozyness difficult to explain. That is why we have selected a few of them and show in pictures. Can you choose just one of them?

Mas Salva. Luxury villa in Empordà, Spain Vila Vinya. Luxury villa in Barcelona, Spain6 Villa Martina. Luxury villa in Andalusia, Spain Mas Mateu. Luxury villa in Empordà, Spain Sa Torrada. Luxury villa in Ibiza, Spain Ses Ponent. Luxury villa in Barcelona, Spain



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Take a piece of history with you

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One if our obessions when travelling is to find the perfect souvenir. Something nice that evoque what we felt when we were somewhere. But isn’t an easy job and many times you buy it in the airport, in asouvenir shop where nothing is special or just get for yourself a nice dress.

Did you know that one of the most characteristic trends in Barcelona is the vintage furniture? There are many new shops with very original coleccions of chairs, tables, lamps and other pieces form de 50’s and 70’s . But what make them special is that any of them is like another, each shop has behind an artist who get old furniture and make a beautiful new piece.

I know what you are thinking, bring a cupboard back home is not exactly what you had in mind of when talking about souvenirs. Slightly big, right? But many times these shops are almost an art gallery, it is worthy just to visit them and then you can choose this little alarm clock, exactly like the one your grandpa used to have! Or a cute lamp that goes perfect with everything. And everytime you see these objects in your home you’ll remember that had the chance to visit the real Barcelona, you felt the new trends in its streets and get home the most beautiful of it.


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Let’s get married in a villa

ImageWhen arranging a wedding the first thing one think about (after the number of assistants) is the place for the ceremony and reception. Which kind of place is the best one? When the answer to that question is a private villa sometimes it makes things much more special but also a little bit more difficult. Specially if the villa you have fall in love with its not used to celebrate weddings.

In that situation a wedding planner or an agency with a complete concierge service might be necessary but also you want to know what to ask. We have here a couple of ideas that can help you imagine your perfect wedding.

A little bit of inspiration for a beach wedding!


And the main question, how to arrange a beautiful wedding like that in Spain? You might need a villa with direct access to the beach and large enough to host the party. There are few but we are glad to introduce you Villa Gianti. A gorgeus villa in Andalusia, where the weather is warm, the beach is calm and the sun shines as you want to in your wedding day!

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